When people ask me ‘What has been your favourite shoot ever’? (which is a super tough question, as all so different in many amazing ways!), I often talk a lot about my editorial work. I guess its because I LOVE seeing my work in print, on the selves in WhSmith’s & other retailers

Not only was I excited about seeing my work in print for this shoot; for City AM’s luxury magazine ‘Bespoke’ BUT seeing it being distributed to thousands of readers throughout London! It was given out across London underground stations along with the City AM newspaper. It felt so amazing to see everyone reading copies and seeing my work on their morning commute to work!

This editorial SHAKE IT! aims to capture a nostalgic 80s feel with current fashion trends of bomber jackets, tassels and caps. Shooting in Southend at American style diner, the arcades & fairground were key to encapsulate the feel of the story. As always working with a great team & model who understands my vision is super important

Here is link to my work. The online version of Bespoke, issue 36 (from page 42 onwards): http://www.cityam.com/assets/uploads/pdf/bespoke/bespoke-issue-36.pdf

See below final images that were published: