Beauty Photographer in London

Tory Smith is a Hair and Beauty Photographer with the ability to capture the very essence of a cosmetic product

With many years of experience, Tory Smith is a beauty photographer in London with an innate skill in creating glamorous imagery that reveals the personality, style and elegance of a brand’s products. Highly sought after for her hard-working, collaborative approach to beauty photography, Tory has worked with some of the top cosmetic brands and publications in Europe. Tory has a rich portfolio of top beauty brands in her portfolio, from L’Oréal and Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty to Boots UK plus many more. You can read the testimonials from her recent clients on her about page.

Alongside Hair and Beauty Photography in London, Tory is also an experienced fashion photographer and videographer with many features in high-end publications in print and online. She uses these skills as well as her eye for marketability to further enhance her work in commercial beauty photography.

Beauty Photography with an eye for detail

Tory Smith is a leading female beauty photographer in London. She has built up a strong reputation for her dynamic imagery, shots that blend art with commerce in an environment that is rewarding and collaborative. Bringing a harmonious and attentive approach to every project she partakes in, Tory Smith is recommended amongst her peers for creating a very cooperative experience with her clients. Also known for her extensive knowledge of lighting, Tory Smith can be depended on to always bring the highest level lighting scenarios and lustrous textures to your imagery.

As a top London beauty photographer Tory Smith excels in providing unique, premium imagery for all of her clients. She is always looking for fresh new projects, and would love to discuss your next hair and beauty photo shoot. Please feel free to get in touch via her contact page.