Fashion Photography London by Tory Smith

Tory Smith Offers a fresh perspective and creative energy with her Fashion Photography in London

Tory Smith has been shooting fashion photography in London for over 10 years and shot with high end brands worldwide. Highly sought after for her hard-working, collaborative approach to fashion photography, Tory combines this with a keen eye for detail making her work memorable.  

A Fashion Photographer with a Vibrant Style.

A fashion Photographer & Videographer in London, Tory has a unique, and distinctive shooting style that has been featured on billboards & instore in Harrods and Aspinal of London. Alongside this, Tory also specialises in fashion editorial advertising and beauty photography with a rich portfolio of top brands in her portfolio. As a top London fashion photographer Tory Smith excels in providing consistent and unique imagery for all of her clients.

Tory Smith is one of the leading female photographers in London. She has built up a reputation for her stories through fashion, shoots that blend art with an uncompromising attention to detail in an environment that is rewarding and collaborative. Bringing a calm-headed and friendly approach to every project she works on, Tory is favoured amongst her peers for creating a very cooperative experience with her clients. Also known for her extensive knowledge of lighting in the studio and on location, Tory Smith can be depended on to always bring vibrancy to every shot she takes.

From her London and Lisbon bases Tory Smith has travelled the world creating signature images that blend her creative vision with an obsessive touch for technical perfection, an ability that has won her much acclaim from her peers and the public alike.

Tory Smith is a freelance fashion photographer in London who is always looking for exciting new projects, and would love to discuss your next editorial photo shoot. Please feel free to get in touch via her contact page.