Keeping up with the everchanging world of fashion photography

The world of fashion photography is fierce and staying ‘ahead of the game’ is crucial for success. I’ve been working in fashion photography for years and along the way I’ve always had to adapt the way I capture my clients’ work to keep ideas fresh. Today, video and film are super on trend in the fashion industry and I wanted to make sure I was ready! I decided to transition into videography around 6 years ago. As a fashion videographer in London, I know first-hand what it is like to merge the lines between photography and videography.

Since the early days of fashion photography, it’s been much more than just showcasing the products themselves. Through my work, I always aim to capture the beauty of a designer’s artistic vision while simultaneously create emotion through story, colour and light. Not only creatively, advances in technology and changes to the way consumers digest content has forced many fashion brands to switch from a photographer to a videographer in London. I take pride in being able to offer both fashion photography and videography to clients, and I love seeing the transition as brands move from photo to film. One aspect I truly love about being a fashion videographer in London, is that still images and video content can complement each other so seamlessly. Today, it is crucial that fashion brands use both photo and film to tell their stories.

Here is an example of one of my campaigns where I shot both photography & video. For handbag Brand Native Dubai

How To Use Film To Capture Fashion Perfectly?

Working as a fashion videographer in London, I have been lucky enough to work with some exciting brands and on some unique projects. From video campaigns abroad to e-com videos in the studio, capturing fashion using video is a true art form. The key to successful fashion photography and videography is subtlety and a soft sell. Unlike most commercials, fashion films aren’t designed to appeal to the masses; instead, they should be niche and fit with the genre of the brand in question.

There are various types of video content available to designers looking to showcase their work. During my time as a videographer in London, I have worked on product placement videos, lifestyle videos, narrative films and more. Product placement is a very popular way of capturing fashion in video because instead of having the product take centre stage, they work as more of a soft sell. A great example is Dynamikos summer campaign, which subtly sells their sunglasses products in a way that evokes a lust for sunshine and holiday vibes:

Storytelling as a Fashion Videographer In London

Unlike other industries, the fashion world doesn’t benefit from hard sale advertisements. Instead, fashion videographers need to create thought-out films which strike a chord with the audience. Fashion films helps consumers to emotionally connect with a label and associate those feelings with the products on display. Fashion videography can weave a story into a clothing collection, as opposed to just outright presenting it to the audience. It can bring to life how the products can fit into a lifestyle, and truly connect with the audience on a real level.

Using video content to connect with consumers and sell fashion has exploded in popularity over the years. Luxury French fashion house, Chanel, released a short film back in 2011 to showcase their iconic perfume, and it reached just over 400,000 YouTube views at the time. Flash to 3 years later, and Chanel released a seven-minute short for their Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 collection, and it racked up over 2 million views. Today, Chanel post new video content on almost a daily basis. The recent release of their Fall-Winter 2021/22 collection shows a beautiful clip of their models preparing for the catwalk with the intimate feel of a Parisian club.

Shoppable Video Over Fashion Photography

Being a fashion videographer in London and shifting from fashion photography to videography isn’t all just about perfectly capturing the collections. It is also vital to focus on video content for social media and creating video’s which are shoppable. Social media has made it easier than ever for consumers to make purchases directly from video content, and in response, fashion brands have been stepping up their shoppable posts. From YouTube’s click-to-buy function to Facebook and Instagram introducing on-channel stores, there are more opportunities than ever for sales directly from video.

One of my most successful video projects for social media content was for Fashion Dollz Instagram. I created these Instagram video ads to showcase their products in a natural yet engaging style using animation & visual effects:

Part of being a fashion videographer in London is being able to adapt your work to meet the unique needs of each and every fashion brand. Shoppable video is crucial for the fashion world and only set to rise in popularity. Social media was once dominated by fashion photography and still shots, but today, video is the way forward.

Showcasing your brands latest fashion line is a well thought out task and while fashion photography is undoubtedly important, video content is quickly becoming the norm. Making the transition from photographer to videographer in London has equipped me with the skills to capture fashion from every angle and in every medium. If you are in need of a fashion videographer in London or wondering how video content could work for you, then get in touch today.