Freelance Videographer in London

Tory Smith Specialises in Fashion Videography in London

An experienced freelance videographer in London, Tory Smith has been producing fashion & beauty video shoots full of colour and life for over 10 years. Using her technical and artistic skills, Tory creates high-quality fashion film that brings products to life.

A Freelance Videographer in London with a Passion for Fashion

Tory Smith is one of the leading female fashion videographers in London. She has built up a reputation for superior-quality, impactful productions that take her client’s brand’s to the next level and improves their marketability online. Using her calm, relaxed approach to filmmaking, Tory Smith has become well known for her collaborative approach to fashion videography. Working directly with her clients from start to finish, Tory knows that her best results are produced when the client is a part of the creative process. 

A freelance fashion photographer and Videographer in London, Tory has recently produced fashion films for Aspinals of London, The Nigel Rayment Boutique and Dynamikos to name but a few. Alongside this, Tory also specialises in fashion editorial advertising and beauty photography with a rich portfolio of top brands in her portfolio. 

Tory is a freelance fashion videographer in London who understands the power of social media and how it can be harnessed to promote a brand’s products. Working closely with her clients and understanding their online goals has helped her to create multiple, successful video campaigns that are in-line with the brand’s style, ethos and the latest trends in social media. Her productions are often also used as showcases on brands’ homepages, e-commerce platforms and PR campaigns. 

Ambitious and motivated, Tory Smith is always looking for exciting new fashion films to produce and would love to discuss your next online campaign. Please visit her contact page to get in touch.