Benefits of being a lifestyle photographer

Being a lifestyle photographer has its perks especially when you have the right skills and passion. Whether you decide to do it as a full-time job or a side gig, being a lifestyle photographer as well as fashion photographer comes with many great benefits. Aside from earning an income as a self-employed photographer, shooting commercial photography also comes with a lot of creative fulfilment too as it allows you to express yourself freely through your photographs. You can easily show the world your view through the images you shoot and it can also lead to such a rewarding feeling that will also give an impact on others lives.

What is a commercial lifestyle photographer?

Being a commercial photographer can also nurture your self fulfilment. You can combine your personal interests with your career. For example, if you love the outdoors and nature like me, then you will find lifestyle photography to be the perfect career because it doesn’t just allow you to take quality photos but capture the beauty of the outdoors and nature as well. You may express yourself through photographs while being able to appreciate all the little things in life – even light. A skilled photographer is aware of exposure, shutter speed, apertures and the importance of light. This helps you to easily be appreciative of the small things and see the beauty in everything. Just being out in nature is already very therapeutic, but being able to purposefully capture meaningful moments makes it so much better and much more fun to do. The risk and excitement that comes along the way with trying something new or taking on a few challenging shots gives a photographer a sense of unexplainable fulfilment and joy. This simple act of creating is a therapeutic benefit of being a photographer. Even just a simple photo expedition can be so good for the min. Often I find myself discovering new and fresh vision and perspective when I am out using my camera, finding beauty and meaning around things and people. It inspires me to constantly see things in a different light and capture the beauty that exists everywhere I look.

Another perk of being a photographer is earning while doing what you love and pursuing a career that you are truly passionate about. You also get to capture the best moments in time and create high end photographs. As a photographer, you get to freeze incredible and wonderful moments in time that would have otherwise been forgotten. Memories are beyond priceless and a photographer’s best work would be capturing these breathtaking moments that people can remember for the rest of their lives.  It is an exceptional way to express yourself, share your thoughts, vision and creativity and document things that are meaningful and important.

My experience as a lifestyle photographer

I have been really enjoying my recent commercial shoots and creating more lifestyle imagery in addition to my fashion and beauty photography. I also feel passionate about shooting lifestyle photography because I get to see more of a realness in people as well as their lifestyle, their emotions and state of being. With lifestyle photography, I am always briefed to capture more genuine and authentic subjects instead of just focusing on specific areas like when doing fashion photography, when I need to focus on more the clothes & details

It’s nice to be feel drawn towards a deeper genuine connection and inspiring interactions with people. I aspire to make my photographs relatable to all my audience and I want it to guarantee shared vision and sentiment. This is why I enjoyed my recent campaign shoot for YuYu hot water bottle where we featured not only the product but the daily lives of people, sharing intimate and warm moments. Making each picture remind you of family, love and genuine happiness.

See images below my campaign and more commercial projects HERE:

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