Skills you need to succeed in photography

Being a good photographer is truly more than just being able to master your camera and equipment. There’s so much more you need to practice and develop creatively by defining your own style, being unique with your own ideas and exploring different lighting techniques

It all depends on your niche, because every niche demands a different set of skills and experience. If you are a sports photographer, you need to be fast and quick in order to get the shots, when you’re a nature photographer, you need to be patient and calm. As a fashion photographer based in UK / Lisbon my focus is detail, light and story whilst ensuring important elements of each fashion piece is highlighted. This is also essential for advertising photography and beauty photography

Its important to be consistent with your style so you are recognised by brands. See below my work below from 4 completely different shoots where my style and soft lighting approach are seen throughout :

My experience as a fashion photographer

In my ten wonderful years of being in the photography industry, I have been fortunate enough to work with some top agencies, international companies, fashion brands and magazines. I have also seen firsthand what skills a good photographer should have.

An eye for detail is the most important. A keen eye for detail that ensures all essential elements are captured in each photograph. The subject, lighting, background and the composition should blend together harmoniously to convey the right vision and the right message.

Starting as a fashion photographer in the UK, I was able to obtain partnerships and develop friendships with my clients and models. Good people skills are also essential to have as a photographer as it helps to create rapport with the people you work with, make them feel at ease and communicate effectively to get the work done effectively. Patience and flexibility are also considered good skill sets to have when you’re working in this industry because there would be days when things change prior to the shoot or even on set! Being flexible and able to adjust will set you apart from the rest. These two qualities go hand-in-hand to ensure you can always make the best out of any undesirable situation.

I personally like going above and beyond the call of duty when working with clients. It’s important to be yourself and relaxed during photoshoots as it also helps others around you. As a fashion photographer, I always try to bring a fresh creative vision and keep a warm positive attitude because I am passionate about photography, I love this industry I work in and I know that my passion for a genuine quality service will bring my clients high end results. It takes a lot of time and effort to establish yourself as a fashion photographer in the UK and what fuels me every day is my passion to create amazing photographs and capture beautiful, stories to share to the rest of the world. My love for photography inspires me to get up each morning, it motivates me to work harder and give my best in every photoshoot that I do. It’s important to have goals to inspire me to work harder and push a little farther to strive towards my dream clients. I admire working with people who appreciate the skill set that I have as a fashion photographer and I truly enjoy being able to work with amazingly talented and truly creative individuals who make being in the photography industry all the more fun, enjoyable and exciting.

Despite being in this industry for ten years, I take comfort in the fact that I still have so much more to learn, many people to take photographs of and more stories to capture which increases my excitement for this photography journey. I can’t wait to see where the next few years take me as a fashion photographer and I look forward to elevating my creative energy, further hone my skills and enhance my expertise.

After being in lockdown for 2 months, yesterday I got back to what I LOVE, bringing together a talented team to shoot my personal editorial ideas. This shoot, The Glam Gardener, shot in a magical garden in Lisbon:


Photoshoot Nikon 200mm lens

Model photographer on set

Model photographer on set

Fashion photography shoot

Fashion photography shoot

Commercial photography shoot

Fashion photography shoot

Photographer & Director: Tory Smith Photography
HMUA: Tina Hoffmann
Stylist: Rita Alves