Why is photography so important in advertising?

Photographs have the incredible power to capture emotions, priceless moments and the hidden beauty of even a seemingly mundane object. Advertising photography and the role it plays in preserving our memories is just as powerful as the potential it has in selling products or services.

Good photography, paired with a meaningful message can bring real impact to people’s lives. Through my photography work I know that I won’t just be shooting imagery for my client to advertise to potential customers, I will be creating a unique vision and story as well. As every photo tells a story, I always aim to show mine in ways that capture the views attention and complement the appeal of the services the client has to offer.

To deliver that perfect photo for advertising, I think of these 3 key elements are important for any brand:

1. Personalised brand photography

If you can access the internet, millions of ready-to-use stock photos are just one click away but clients will be paying for these high-quality photos when they can hire a photographer instead. As an advertising photographer, I feel high-quality images that are specifically tailored to a business and brand is a lot more valuable. I love to help my clients with their brand, to create consistency with their photography, attention to detail and help their customers recognise their brand every time they see it. Having personalised brand photography is especially helpful to create a cohesive look for content for social media, blog posts, online course content and email newsletters etc

Here is an example of my photography work shot for Aspinal of London. Here I created fun vibrant imagery to work with the summer concept to allow the product to pop!:

2. Specific skills for specific needs

Anyone can take good photos with the right amount of lighting and focus. However, if you want to have great photos that can elicit excitement and response to suit your brand, its important to pick the right photographer. My clients choose to book me for my colourful imaginative style.

A professional photographer is equipped with specific skills for specific need and the products or services they provide.

I love to tell stories with my images offering a fresh perspective and creative energy for her clients. Through testimonials and client feedback I am known to have a friendly calm-headed personality making my shoots an enjoyable experience for my clients.

Offering something unique, along with post-production work like retouching blemishes or adjusting lighting, are all important if you want to produce photos that can connect with your client and their audience.

3. Getting the message across

Photos can be aesthetically appealing, have vibrant colours and the highest quality but an effective photograph has to be so much more than that. A photo that makes an impact is one that makes a product or service stand out and embeds the specific message the brand wants to get across. The advertising photographer’s goal is not just to shine a light on the brands product but also to make sure that the photo inspires an emotional response to the brand’s values and message.

Creating an effective advertising campaign can seem a little overwhelming but as a dedicated photographer who delivers high-quality images and a clear message I always aim to help convert my clients audience into potential customers.

I am grateful for being able to work with amazing clients who not only do I help grow as a brand but also help me become a better photographer. I learn so much from each client I meet on my photographic journey and cannot wait to see what more is in store for me.